Five Reasons For Success and 5 For Struggle

It can be really frustrating when you’re not getting results in your home business (whatever business you’re in).


But, part of the frustration is that it’s easy to imagine that there are millions of reasons for why you’re not succeeding.


But there’s not.


There’s only about 5 reasons why someone would not get results in their business…..and those same 5 reasons are the reason why others (like me) are earning thousands of dollars per DAY.


And I’m going to show you what they are.


But first of all, you have to understand that “not getting results” is a NORMAL thing until you reach a certain point in life where you decide to take personal responsibility for creating your own results and realize that the only guarantee that is provided in life, is what YOU DECIDE to create regardless of what happens.


So, here are the 5 reasons for struggle…..and their counterparts are the 5 reasons for success:


#1  Strugglers don’t have consistent clarity of outcome.  Successful people know their outcome in advance.


You’ve heard it said before.  In fact, you’ve probably heard it a million times but you’re still not doing it.  You have to have a crystal-clear outcome for what you want to achieve.  And people who struggle either a.) don’t have that or b.) don’t hold that outcome with consistency.


Here, I’ll prove it to you:  answer this question right now in less than 5 seconds without having to think about it:  “What’s your specific, numeric income goal for the next 30 days and what will achieving it do for your life?”


Nine people out of ten cannot answer that question without having to “come up with an answer”.


Which means that — for those 90% — they’re going through the motions of their business without really knowing what they’re doing it for.


Or, if they DO have a clear outcome, they don’t focus on it for a consistent period of time.


The solution:  get clear and stay clear.  Be consistent.  You’ll automatically be in the 1% of human beings who are actually creating their life on purpose.  And you’ll be setting yourself up for eventually being in the top 1% income.


#2 Strugglers do not follow instructions with integrity and consistency.  Successful people are coachable, trainable, action-oriented…and they do it over and over.


Simply put….you do not do what you’re told.   You claim that you do.  But you don’t.


The truth is that most people who say they’re “doing everything I’ve been told” are only doing about 20% of it at BEST.


Most people are only doing what’s convenient.  The stuff that doesn’t require them to get out of their comfort zone.  The stuff that doesn’t require them to actually get their hands dirty.


Or if they DO go through the training, they only go through it once…..a majority of that time, they weren’t paying attention. Out of the things they’ve paid attention to – they’ve ignored about 80% of the advice, and just don’t do it, at all.


Even the people reading this who are LISTENING NOW to advice honestly… and getting results realize that they are not even doing half of what we’ve taught, most of the time.


How do I know this?  Because I make over $100,000 per month and even I can’t claim to have “gone through all the training” or “have done 100% of it”.  I’m claiming less perfection than someone who’s making no money at all but who claims to have gone through all the training!


The solution:  instead of just buying the training…..actually go THROUGH the training.  Turn off your Facebook.  Turn off the cellphone.  Tell your family that you’re going to be occupied for about an hour every evening to work on yourself.  When you actually DO that (instead of just paying it lip-service), you’ll actually be in a position to start expanding your potential.


#3  Strugglers do not respond to feedback.  Successful people are constantly tweaking and adjusting their business in response to their results.


I’m using the word “feedback” to describe how your prospects and your list responds to your marketing and your communication.


Simply put, strugglers don’t adjust their strategy.  Successful people are constantly making adjustments.


For instance, strugglers never bother to tweak a video that’s not converting.  Strugglers don’t adjust their headlines or subject lines when their letters aren’t getting opened.


Most people don’t alter how they tell stories if nobody thinks they are interesting. Most people don’t pay attention to whether what they are doing is even working or not.  They just blindly do something and then act bewildered if it doesn’t work.


Why?  Because most people have an “entitlement” mentality.  They think that they can get rich on the Internet without having to develop their own marketing skills.


That’s why all the “we do it for you” offers are so popular.  It appeals to people welfare mentality.


But the people who are making tons of money are the people who are flexible and who constantly make adjustments in their income-producing activities in response to feedback.


The solution:  Understand that the only free cheese is in the mousetrap.  There’s no such thing as a single email, video, ad source, headline or presentation that will work 100% of the time.  Being a professional marketer is about being flexible and making adjustments.


#4.  Strugglers have an expiration date on their dreams.  Successful people are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals.


The key here is “whatever it takes”.  Regardless of what that means (as long as it’s ethical and moral).


Notice I didn’t say “whatever it takes as long as it doesn’t mean doing something  you don’t like or don’t want to do.”


Notice I didn’t say, “whatever it takes as long as I can do it without spending money.”


Notice I didn’t say, “whatever it takes as long as I don’t have to do something that will make me or my spouse nervous”.


I said “being willing to do whatever it takes”.


Strugglers don’t do that.  They operate with a mindset of “giving it a try” or “seeing how it goes”.  They’ve got an expiration date on their efforts.


And that’s why that I — or any other top leader — cannot really help these people.


Because when they ask for help and advice…..they don’t really want help and advice.  They just want some validation for what they’re already doing.


I’ll give you an example.  I have a friend in my business who I’ve known for probably 20 years.  He’s been here for about 6 months.  He’s as capable as anyone I know of being successful here.


But he’s not really interested in doing “whatever it takes”.  He’s willing to do “whatever it takes as long as it doesn’t involve me getting out of my comfort zone”.


And that’s the mental mistake that’s keeping him from having the breakthrough that he and his family need and deserve.


The actual mistake is not realizing that — long before we get into his decisions to not access the training that’s available to him, why he’s not actually doing what we teach, why when he DOES do it he doesn’t stick with it — we have to acknowledge that….


…underneath all that is the simple fact that he’s not really committed to his business.  He’s not really willing to do what it takes to be successful.


The only thing that should be excluded from the “whatever it takes” formula are things that violate your personal values, your morals or your beliefs.  For instance, if an Orthodox Jew believes it’s wrong for him to do any work on the Sabbath — even though I don’t share that belief — I would respect his decision to not attend a meeting on the Sabbath.


The solution:  stop setting limits on your efforts.  If you’re not willing to do “whatever it takes” (within your values, morals and beliefs) to reach your goals, then you cannot expect to get the same results as those of us who are.  Commitment is the name of the game and integrity is everything.


#5  Strugglers engage in low-value, low-energy activities.  Successful people engage in high-value, high-energy activities.


Let’s be clear:  all success is the result of taking high-value action over a consistent basis.


Let’s break that down into two items:  (a) high-value activity and (b) consistency


(A) High value activities are what creates results.  You have to put in the energy.  Energy comes in different forms.


It might be “time”.

It might be “effort”.

It might be “money”.

It might be “leadership”.


It’s usually a combination of all those things.


But one thing is true:   you cannot get significant results without putting in this energy.  Insufficient energy will not produce the result you want.


It’s like trying to light a fire in the fireplace without putting in any fuel.


The other part of the equation is (b) Consistency.


You wouldn’t plant a seed and then dig it up an hour later to see why it’s not a full-grown tree, would you?  Of course not.  Even when you’re applying the right energy, things still require that you apply that energy over a period of time with consistency.


Working your ass off for an hour today and then skipping 4 days will not do it.  Nor will doing it for a week, skipping a few weeks and then coming back a month later.


The reason I made over $10,000 in my first month Empower Network is because I actually showed up every single day and engaged in high-value activities…..and I did it again the next day….and the next…..and the next…..and the next…..


…and suddenly I was making $200 per day…..then $500 per day……then $1,000 per day……it’s still growing from there!


Now….do you have your Big Boy Pants on?  Because here’s the point of this entire article:


You are EXACTLY where you are in your business because it’s where you’ve CHOSEN to be.


Read that again.


The degree to which you will argue with me about this is the degree to which you are still blaming someone else (the company, your sponsor, your spouse, your boss, the government, etc.) for your struggles.


Stop.  Take ownership of your business.


Quit pretending that your situation is someone else’s fault.  It’s not.


This is where you’ve chosen to be.  And  at ANY moment in time….you can start choosing to start getting a different result.




Are you REALLY listening?

Are you REALLY doing everything that it takes?

Are you REALLY paying attention to the trainings?

Are you REALLY applying high-value actions every day?

Are you REALLY willing to do “whatever it takes”?


Better question:


What aren’t you doing yet – that you’re now deciding to do?


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